Viewing discovered services

You can view the global list of discovered and manually added services from the Services tab in the Admin Portal. You can also view the list of discovered services or manually added service information for specific systems. Both the global and system-specific service list provide the following information:

  • Name indicates the program name used to run the Windows service or the full path to the scheduled task.
  • Description displays the display name associated with the Windows service or scheduled task.
  • System indicates the target system where the service runs.
  • Multiplexed account is empty until you configure password management for the service. For example, this field is blank for newly discovered services if they run under an account that doesn’t have a managed password stored in the Privileged Access Service.
  • Current account displays the local or domain account that the service is currently configured to run as.
  • Type indicates whether the service is a Windows service or a scheduled task.
  • Managed indicates if the service is being managed by Privileged Access Service.
  • Issues displays additional information about the status of the service. For example, if the password for the service account is due for rotation but is currently in use on another target system, a message indicating the status is displayed.
  • Discovered indicates whether the service was discovered manually or automatically. If it was added to Privileged Access Service via discovery, then this field is left empty.