Setting domain-specific advanced options

You can set advanced security and maintenance settings for individual domains or domain sets. You can also set security and maintenance options globally to apply to all domains except where you have explicitly defined a domain-specific setting. If you use a combination of global and domain-specific settings, the domain‑specific settings take precedence over the global settings.

If you are not using global security settings or want to override global settings on specific domains, you can set the following advanced security and maintenance options on a case‑by-case basis:

In addition, the Privileged Access Service periodically updates the “joined zone” status of systems in the domain. You can view and change the update interval for all systems in the domain using the following Domain/Zone Tasks:

To set domain-specific advanced options:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Domains to display the list of domains.
  2. Select the domain to display the domain-specific details.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Select settings for any or all of the advanced domain options.
  5. Click Save.

For more information about how to set the domain-specific options, click the information icon in the Admin Portal.