Setting domain operations for a system

You can set a domain for a system and enable domain operations to use the domain administrative account to enable zone role workflow. To enable this option, make sure you have:

You need to configure the domain and enable operations before you can enable zone role workflow. For more information on zone role workflow, see Managing zone role assignment requests.

To enable domain operations for a system

  1. In the Admin Portal > Resources, then click Systems to display the list of computers and network devices.

  2. Select a system to display system-specific details.

  3. Click Advanced and then click Set next to the Domain text box to select the relevant domain.

  4. Start typing the domain name into the search box.

    The service lists the domains for which you have View permission.

  5. Select the domain you want to use.

  6. Click Select and then click Save.

    If the domain has a domain administrative account already configured, it is displayed in the Domain Administrative text box. If the domain selected for the system does not have a domain administrative account configured, see Set domain administrative accounts.