Adding HP NonStop systems

If you are adding HP NonStop Guardian systems, be sure that the Safeguard and SSH components are installed on the hardware. If these components are installed, you can add a user name and password for an account to be used to access the system when adding the system or at a later time.

User names in Guardian are of the form group-name.user-name, for example acme.harvey is a user name in a group called acme. User IDs in Guardian are in the form group-id,user-id. For example if the acme group has a Group ID of 154 and harvey has a User ID of 1 within that group, the User ID of acme.harvey is 154,1.

In most cases, however, you would specify the SUPER.SUPER (255,255) account, a group manager account, or an account with similar privileges for which you want to manage the password. For example, user 154,255 would be the group manager account in acme group.

Each Guardian user account can have multiple aliases that share the same Guardian User ID and the same access permissions to system systems, but cannot use the same password as each other or use the same password as the Guardian User ID they are based on. Aliases can also be managed separately from their underlying User ID. For example, you might want to set up an alias user for SUPER.SUPER so that each NonStop administrator has the same permissions as SUPER.SUPER, but each one maintains their own password.

For any account you add, you can choose whether or not you want the Privileged Access Service to manage the account password. If you select Manage this credential, the Privileged Access Service automatically changes the password immediately after the account and system are added and each time the account is checked in.

If you select Manage this credential for HP NonStop devices, you should keep in mind that the Privileged Access Service can only manage passwords for privileged user accounts that have sufficient rights to configure and save settings. In addition, if there are any pending changes for other user accounts, those changes will be saved when the Privileged Access Service updates a managed password.

For more information about password and system management for HP NonStop systems, see the following topics: