Planning to add database accounts

Before adding any databases to the Privileged Access Service, you might want to consider which accounts you need to manage and whether there are any restrictions on those accounts that you should be aware of.

The most common accounts that are likely candidates to be managed through the Privileged Access Service include the system administrator accounts such as the sa account for Microsoft SQL Server databases, the SYSTEM administrative account for Oracle databases, the DBA administrative account for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise databases, or any other account you use for database administration.

You might have many other administrative or in-house database accounts that require special privileges or have access to sensitive information. You can use Privileged Access Service to manage the password for any of these accounts or add non-administrative accounts to securely store the account information without having the password managed by Privileged Access Service.

Note:   For supported infrastructure (for example: systems and databases), account names are often case sensitive. Ensure the account entered in Privileged Access Service matches the account in the infrastructure.

For more information about the requirements for adding databases and database account, see the following topics: