Adding accounts for a system

In most cases, you add at least one account for accessing a system when you initially add the system to Privileged Access Service. If you did not add an account when you added or imported a system, provided invalid account information when you added the system, or want to update the system to include additional accounts, you can do so after adding a system by clicking Accounts when viewing the details for the system.

To add a new account for a specific system:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Systems to display the list of computers and network devices.
  2. Select a Unix system to display system-specific details.
  3. Ensure the Accounts tab is open and click the Add button.
  4. Type the user name for an account you want to use to access the currently selected system.
  5. Use the Credential Type drop down list to choose how you want the user to access this system (Password or SSH Key).
    1. If you select Password: Enter the assword you want associated with this account.
    2. If you select SSH Key: Select Upload or Choose using the toggle button.
      • Choose allows you to choose an SSH key from a file on you have already added to Privileged Access Service.
      • Upload allows you to drag and drop the SSH key from a file on your desktop or click in the drop area to select an SSH key from a file location.
  6. (Optional) Select the Manage this credential option if you want Privileged Access Service to manage the password for the specified account.
    For details about managed passwords for different types of systems, see the following sections:
  7. Optionally, type a description for the account, then click Add.
  8. Click Save to save the new account for the system.

The information displayed and the actions you can take after clicking Accounts are the same whether you navigate to them from the system details or from the full list of accounts.

For example, if you are viewing the accounts for a specific system, you can also select any account in the list, then click the Actions menu to perform account-related tasks. The steps for completing any action are the same regardless of how you navigate to them. For more information about performing these common tasks, see Selecting actions for an account.