Running reports about secrets

There are built-in Infrastructure reports that you can customize to view information about the secrets you have stored in the Zero Trust Privileged Access Service based on the criteria in which you are interested. For example, you can generate a report of the secrets that have been recently replaced. Similarly, you can generate a report that lists the secrets retrieved most often. You can then export the report to a file with comma‑separated values or email the report to others.

To create reports about secrets stored in the Privileged Access Service:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Reports.
  2. Click Builtin Reports, then click Secrets to display the list of reports available.
  3. Select a report to display the results in a table.
  4. Click Actions to copy the report, see or customize the report Details, Export the report to a file with comma-separated values, or Email the report to someone else or to a distribution list.