Deploying the user.ignore and group.ignore configuration files

You can deploy the user.ignore and group.ignore configuration files to one or more enrolled Linux systems. You can deploy these files to individual systems or all systems in a set, and to no more than 500 systems at a time.

If any of the selected systems are offline, the deployment won't work; you'll need to do the deployment again when those offline systems are back online.

To deploy configuration files to Linux systems

  1. In the Admin Portal, go to the Systems page select the desired systems:

    • For individual systems: select the desired Linux system(s), then click Actions Bulk Push Configuration File.

    • For sets: select the desired set, click the drop-down menu (the ... button) and then click Bulk Push Configuration File

      The Bulk Push Configuration dialog box displays.

  2. Enter the absolute path for the configuration file.

    For example:



  3. Click Browse to navigate to and select the file you want to deploy.

  4. Click Submit to deploy the file to the specified system(s).

    If you're deploying to just one system, the service pushes the file to the system immediately. If you're pushing a file to multiple systems, the service adds the request to the job queue. When the job completes, the service emails you a report so that you can see which systems were updated and information about any deployment failures.