Removing account information for a system

You can remove an account for a system from the Privileged Access Service at any time. Removing a stored account from the Privileged Access Service does not affect account information stored locally on the target system. However, you must display or copy the password to the clipboard before the account can be deleted to help ensure you can continue to use the account with its correct password after removing it from the Privileged Access Service.

To remove an account from a system:

  1. In the Admin Portal > Resources > Systems to display the list of computers and network devices.
  2. Select a system to display system-specific details.
  3. Click Accounts, then select the account you want to remove.
  4. Open the Actions menu for the list of account, then click Delete.
  5. Click Show Password if you want to view the password for the selected account as plain text or click Copy Password to copy the password without viewing it.
  6. Record the password for future reference, then click Close.