Deleting systems

You can remove a system or systems from the Systems list and the Privileged Access Service.

Deleting systems individually or by bulk

  1. In the Admin Portal > Resources> Systems to display the list of computers and network devices.
  2. Select one system or multiple systems.
  3. Click the Actions menu, then select Delete Systems.
  4. A Bulk System Delete dialog box appears where you can choose to save the password to secret. You will receive an email notification with details. That information is also available in Job Reports.

Note:   Bulk System Delete deletes all accounts for all selected systems, regardless if the account is active. To delete Sets, right-click on a set and select Delete Systems and go through the Bulk System Delete workflow.

Some things to remember with deleting passwords by bulk:

  • Bulk System Delete only deletes accounts and systems you have permissions to delete.
  • To retrieve the saved password secret, the secret file must be given "Retrieve" permission by a system administrator.