Recovering an account password

If the processing of a password change is interrupted before completion on a target system, the Privileged Access Service will automatically attempt to determine whether the password change was successful or not and recover the appropriate password to use for the account. In a few rare cases, however, the Privileged Access Service might be unable to determine whether the previous or pending password is correct. For example, the following might cause an account to have an indeterminate password if the situation occurs while the Privileged Access Service is processing a password change:

  • The network connection to a target system becomes unavailable.
  • The target system is shut down.
  • There is a service outage on Azure.

If the Privileged Access Service cannot automatically recover the correct password—for example, because the system is still disconnected—you can view details about the most recent password change job and display or copy the last known and pending passwords to try to unlock the account manually. If neither password is correct—for example, because the password has been changed locally on the target system—you can manually reset the password then use the update password feature in the Admin Portal to restore the password in the Privileged Access Service For more information about updating the stored password, see Updating the password for stored accounts.