Moving secrets and folders

You can change the organization of your folders and move secrets and folders to other folders. Folders and secrets can be moved up or laterally within the folder hierarchy. You cannot move a folder to one of its own subfolders. Once the folder or secret is moved, the path for the folder/secret is changed to reflect the new location. In order to move folders or files to a new location, you must have the Edit permission on the folder or file you want to move, and the Add permission for the destination folder. Also note the following:

  • Moving a top-level folder also moves all the subfolder contents and members to the destination folder.
  • Permissions and policies for a folder or secret being moved are inherited from the destination location, not from the source location.
  • If you are moving a secret or folder, and there is already a secret/folder with the same name in the destination location, the move will fail.
  • Moving a folder or secret to the top level of the Secrets page does not require the Add permission; only the Edit permission on the source folder or secret is required.

To move a folder location:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Secrets to display the list of folders and secrets.
  2. Right-click on the folder you would like to move (to move a folder you must have the Edit permission).
  3. Click Move from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the new folder location from the available options (only folders where you have Add permission are displayed).