Replacing a secret

If you are the owner of a secret text string or stored file, you can edit the secrets you own. If you are in a role with the appropriate administrative rights and have been granted the Edit permission, or the secret is located in a folder that grants you the Edit permission, you can change the secret name, description, stored file, or password.

If you are updating a stored file with an optional password, you can choose to replace just the file, just the password, or both the file and password. For example, you might want to update the password associated with a file without changing the file you have stored. You should note, however, that the password stored with a secret file is not used to retrieve the file. They are simply stored together for convenience.

There are different ways to navigate to the Replace action. After you select this action, however, the steps are similar.

To replace a secret:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Resources, then click Secrets to display the list of secrets.
  2. Select a secret to display its details.
  3. Click the Actions menu, then click Replace.
    • If the secret is a text string, you can type or copy a new text string for the secret, then click Save.
    • If the secret is a stored file, you can set or change the password for the file, upload a different version of the same file, or browse to a completely different file to upload, then click Save.

    Note that you must click Save after making any changes for them to take effect.