Viewing domain account information

After you add an account to the domain, you can then view the following information:

  • Last reset specifies the date and time the account password was last reset.
  • Sessions specifies the number of currently active sessions for the account.
  • Checkouts specifies the number of password checkouts for the account.
  • Last Verify Result indicates the result of the most recent password check for an account. If the password stored by the Privileged Access Service is no longer valid, the column displays Failed. If the state of the password cannot be determined—for example, because the port used to check account health is blocked, the account is in an untrusted forest, or the account is an unmanaged account—the column displays Unknown.
  • Last Verify displays the date and time of the last password verification.
  • Managed displays a check mark if the password for the account is managed through the Privileged Access Service.

When you are viewing the accounts for a domain, you can also select any account in the list, then click the Actions menu to log on to a domain computer using the stored account password, check out the password for the account, log on to a domain computer using the stored password for the account, update the account password, or delete the account.

For more information about performing these tasks, see the following topics: