Viewing and searching domains

After you have added at least one domain, you can click Domains to view the list of domain names and the current status of each domain. To search for a specific domain, type all or part of the domain name in the Search field.

If you have added any manual or dynamic domain sets, they are added as filters in the Sets section. You can then use the predefined and custom set filters to select domains that match specific criteria, such as a custom query or a manual membership you have defined.

In addition to the filters for the sets you have created, you can also filter the list of domains displayed by typing a search string, or by combining a set filter and a search string.

After you have added at least one domain, you can click the Domains tab to view the following information for all added domains:

  • Domain Name is the unique name you use to identify the domain.
  • Last Test Result displays nothing if the account used to connect to the domain was successful. If the connection to the domain failed for any reason—for example, because the network connection to the domain is not available—the column displays Unreachable or Unknown.
  • Last Test displays the date and time of the last domain health check. A health check is performed when Test connection is selected from the Actions menu or when a domain is added to Privileged Access Service.
  • Administrative Account displays the name of the Administrative Account for the domain if configured. See Set domain administrative accounts.
  • Discovered displays a time stamp, if the domain was added during the discovery process. The time stamp indicates the time the domain was added. If the domain was added using a different method, such as manually or using the import process, nothing is displayed. Auto is displayed if the domain is automatically synced with an active connector.