Configuring global Agent Auth workflow

To simplify the process of providing Agent Auth workflow for systems, you can enable Agent Auth workflow as a feature that applies to all systems in Privileged Access Service. You can use system-specific settings to override the global workflow. For example, you can use system-specific settings to prevent access requests for some systems or to modify the user or role with approval authority.

To enable workflow for all systems:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click Settings, then click Resources to display the settings available for the Privileged Access Service.
  2. Click Global Login Workflow.
  3. Select Enable Workflow for all Systems.
  4. From the Approver List, select either Requestor'sManager or Specified User or Role.

Note:   If using Requestor's Manager approver, and the requestor has no manager, you can select automatically approve, deny, or route to another user/role.

  1. Click Add and select user and role.
  2. Once added, click Save.

For more information on using Agent Auth workflow, see Using Agent Auth workflow.