Working with favorites from the Workspace

If you have identified any servers or network devices as favorites in the server list, you can use the Workspace to manage accounts, log in remotely, or delete the server or network device.

To work with a server or network device from the Workspace:

  1. Click Workspace in the Admin Portal.
  2. Select a system or account from the list of Favorites.
  3. Click the Actions menu, then select the appropriate action.

    The actions available on the Actions menu depend on what you have selected. For example, if you select a favorite system, you might see the following actions:

    • Select/Request Account to search for and select the account to use to log on the selected server or network device.
    • Enter Account to log on remotely to the selected server or network device using a user name and password of your choice.
    • Add to Set to add the selected server or network device to a new or existing set.
    • Delete to delete the selected server or network device if all accounts for the server or network device have been deleted.

After you select an action, the next steps depend on the specific action you selected.