Using the Workspace

The Workspace provides an overview of your own password checkout and session activity, including a list of the accounts for which you have a password checked out, your current sessions, and the servers and devices you have identified as favorites. In addition to providing an overview of rights that have been added to Privileged Access Service, when you log in to the Admin Portal with no administrative rights, you are granted access to Workspace. This allows you to provision accounts to users without granting them administrative rights.

You can view the following information in the Workspace:

  • My Expiring Checkouts provides a quick reference for the number of passwords you have checked out that are due to be checked in within the next 15 minutes or have expired because they have not been checked in by their due date.
  • My Total Checkouts summarizes the total number of passwords you have checked out.
  • My Total Sessions summarizes the total number of sessions you have running on target systems.
  • Recent Systems lists the systems you have accessed most recently.
  • My Password Checkouts lists the accounts for which you have a password currently checked out, when the password is due to be checked in, and the number of minutes remaining before the password expires. The number of minutes a password is allowed to be checked out can be configured on a server or device basis using the Checkout lifetime policy.
  • My System Accounts lists the accounts the user has Workspace Login permission. It lists the system, account, and the credential type. For more information on My System Accounts, see Using My System Accounts
  • My Active Sessions lists your currently active sessions, including the DNS name or IP address where the session is running, the user account under which the session is running, and the date and time the session started.
  • My Favorites lists the systems and local, domain, and database accounts you have identified as favorites in the system list on the Systems tab or the account list on the Accounts tab.