Configuring request login and checkout password

To configure the request login, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Resources > Systems and choose a system.
  2. From Accounts, choose a workflow. On the Enable Account Workflow field, choose Yes and for the Approver List, choose one of the users or add one.

  3. Then, navigate to Permissions where you can assign privilege to a new or existing user, group, role, or computer -- and click Save.

Note:   Here, you can assign view permission but not checkout or login permission.

  1. Sign out of the Centrify tenant. Log back into the Centrify tenant with the user you just modified.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Systems. Right click on an account and choose Request Login, enter relevant information an click Submit.
  3. Finally, the administrator must approve the request. To do so, navigate to Access > Requests and you will see the login request.