Setting up the Application Definition

To set up the application definition, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the SailPoint virtual machine and navigate to Home > Applications > Application Definition and click Add New Application.

  2. When creating a new application, under the Configuration tab, in the Application Type field, choose CentrifyPASConnector from the dropdown.

Enter the following tenant values:

  • Tenant URL
  • Tenant ID
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Secret Question Answer
  • API Version
  • Default auto-expiry duration for Assets
  • Default auto-expiry duration for Zone Role
  • Page Size
  • Paging Limit

To ensure successful connection to the Centrify portal, click Test Connection and you will see a Test Successful message.

  1. Configure the Account Aggregation and Account Group Aggregation tasks to aggregate the accounts and entitlements. Navigate to Setup > Tasks.

    1. From Tasks click New Task > Account Aggregation.

    2. Enter a name and select an application to scan. Then click on Save and Execute.

    3. Add Account Group Aggregation by navigating to Setup > Tasks > NewTask > AccountGroupAggregation. Enter required value (name and select application to scan) and click Save and Execute.

    4. Finally, check to ensure all accounts are listed. Do this by navigating to Application > ApplicationDefinition > click on the application you created > and click on the Accounts tab where you see all users listed: