Using an email message

You can send an email to the device to download the Centrify application to your device and then install it from the Downloads folder.

To initiate device registration using an email message:

  1. Open the Admin Portal > Profile page, click Devices, and Add Devices.

    This opens the Add Devices pop up window.

  2. In the Send registration link via: area, confirm the email address then click Send.

    The email is sent.

  3. On the device, open the email application.

  4. Tap the message.

  5. Authorize application download.

    On an Android device, tap OK to allow download of the file. This downloads the application file to your Downloads folder.

    On an iOS device, tap Open to open the application page in the Apple App Store and tap Install. This downloads and installs the application on your home screen. Skip the next step and go to Registering an iOS device to complete registration.

  6. Android devices only: Open the Downloads folder on the device and tap the Centrify application file just downloaded.

    This initiates application installation. Go to Registering Android devices to complete registration.