Using Privileged Access Service as an authenticator

You can use the Privileged Access ServiceAdmin Portal >Profile > Device page to get the one-time passcode (either by scanning an external source's QR code or entering the authentication key information manually). You then can use the passcode to log in to the relevant application or website.

Using the Settings screen

The Settings screen contains device configuration information such as default browser settings, authentication settings, and other useful information.

Login Settings

Contains the Privileged Access Service service URL.

Do not change this setting unless specifically instructed to by your IT department. If the URL is wrong, you cannot use the Privileged Access Service.


Lets you configure the following:

Browser Settings

You use this option to set your default browser and clear browsing data.

  • Tap Default Browser to select the default browser for you device.
  • Tap Clear Browsing Data to delete your cache an other browsing data from the built-in browser.

Debug Information

Enables activity logging, lets you send the log file to an email address, and provides GCM and MDM diagnostic information.

Do not change the Enable Debug Logging setting—this value is set by your IT department.

Profile Management

Lets you unregister the device. See Unregistering your device for the details.


Displays the terms of use.