Installing the Centrify mobile application

The easiest way to install the Centrify application to your device is to click Add Devices on the Devices page and then select a method.

You can install the Centrify application using the following methods (available methods are configured by your systems administrator):

  • Send an email to the device. The email message contains a link you tap to proceed—see Using an email message .
  • Use the camera on your device and a QR code reader application—see Using the QR code for the details.

The Google Play and App Store links are provided if you want to review the application description in the catalog before installing it on the device. You can also use them to download the application. You must have an Google Play or Apple App Store account to use these options.

We support the following versions:

  • iOS version 10.0 or later
  • Android 4.2 or later