Securing your Centrify application

You can secure your Centrify application using a PIN, fingerprint, or Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. The fingerprint option is only supported on Samsung devices that have the fingerprint recognition functionality.

To secure your Centrify application:

  1. Tap the Centrify application on your device.
  2. Tap Settings > Security Options.
  3. Enter a PIN as your primary access method.
  4. (optional) Register your fingerprint or NFC tag as alternative access methods.

    If fingerprint recognition is available on your device, then we direct you to the device fingerprint registration window.

    If you have an NFC tag, then enter your PIN to register the tag. You can register a maximum of 5 tags.

  5. Tap the App Lock Settings option on the Settings page and enable the feature using the Lock On Exit field.

    The setting defined by your system administrator overrides your setting here.

  6. (optional) Tap Auto-Lock and configure how long you want the Centrify application to be inactive before it automatically locks up.

    You will now be prompted to use one of the configured methods (PIN, fingerprint, or NFC tag) to access the Centrify application.