Using the Settings screen

The Settings screen contains device configuration information such as default browser settings, authentication settings, and other useful information.

Debug Options

Allows you to enable/disable the debug mode for the Browser Extension. You will typically use this setting while working with your system administrator.

Browser Settings

You use this option to set your default browser and clear browsing data.

  • Tap Default Browser to select the default browser for you device.
  • Tap Clear Browsing Data to delete your cache an other browsing data from the built-in browser.

Log Settings

Allows you to configure log file related information. Options are:

  • Log Level

    Sets the level at which log files are logged.

  • Log to Console

    Sets the level at which log files are sent to the console.

  • Send Log File

    Provide the email addresses to which the log files should be sent.

Privileged Access Service Settings

The URL option contains the Privileged Access Service service URL.

Do not change this setting unless specifically instructed to by your IT department. If the URL is wrong, you cannot use the Privileged Access Service.

Apps Settings

Lets you show/hide applications that are not supported on mobile device browsers.

When you tap an application that cannot be run, the Centrify application displays an error message and gives you the option to hide it and all other applications that are not supported. Tap Hide All to remove these applications from the screen.

To display the hidden applications, open the Settings tab in the Centrify application and configure the Show All Applications option.


Lets you configure the following:


Displays the terms of service and use, privacy policy, and acknowledgments.