Viewing your device information

When you open the Devices tab, the screen lists all of the devices that you have registered in the Privileged Access Service, including devices that have been unregistered.

A device can have the following statuses:

  • Registered: The device is registered and in communication with the Privileged Access Service.
  • Unregistered: The device was registered at one time but has since been unregistered from the Privileged Access Service.
  • Unreachable: The device has not communicated with the Privileged Access Service for a period of time. That period of time is set by your IT administrator.
  • Registering: The device is in the process of registering with the Privileged Access Service. This is typically a short-term state.

The map shows the location of all the devices you have at one time been registered. For unreachable devices, the map shows the last known location. Click on the device’s arrow to center the focus on that device.

The map device locations are only shown if your organization is using the Privileged Access Service for mobile device management and you have enabled device tracking on the device and in the Privileged Access ServiceAdmin Portal.

By default, location tracking is enabled in the Privileged Access ServiceAdmin Portal. To configure location tracking, see .

In the Centrify application on iOS devices, location tracking uses the significant-change location service which, unlike the GPS location tracking, is very battery friendly. It is not perpetually trying to determine the device location. Note that the Apple Location icon does not differentiate between the different types of location services.

Similarly, the Centrify application for Android is configured for low power consumption. Open Location in the device Settings to see the battery use for the Centrify application.

If the location does not seem correct, click the Find Now button to ensure that you have the most recent GPS location data. You may need to reload the browser page to display a location change.