IsWindowsAccount property

Gets a value indicating whether the account is a Windows domain account.


bool IsWindowsAccount {get;}

Return value

Returns true if the account is a Windows domain account; false if the account is an SQL Server login account.


The management database-to-audit store database connection and the collector-to-audit store connection can use either Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication.


The following code sample illustrates using this property as an input parameter to the AddAuditServerAccount method:


'Add management database accounts for those management databases running in 
' system account; e.g. NT Authority/Network Service
DIM strAuditServerAccount
DIM isAuditServerWindowsAccount
isAuditServerWindowsAccount = true
strAuditServerAccount = "DOMAIN\MACHINE$"
objAuditStoreDatabase.AddAuditServerAccount strAuditServerAccount, & _ 
wscript.echo "Added management database account '" & strAuditServerAccount & "'."

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