Publish method

Publishes installation information to Active Directory.


void Publish()


The Publish method may throw the following exception:

  • Centrify.DirectAudit.Common.Logic.DirectAuditException if you do not have write permission for the installation’s service connection point (SCP) object in Active Directory.


Audit Manager publishes installation information to a service connection point (SCP) object in Active Directory so that audited computers and collectors can look up the information. For example, collectors publish which audit store they are part of so that once an agent determines which audit store is to receive its audit data, it can determine the list of collectors that service that audit store by querying Active Directory.

When you use the methods in the API to change settings in the installation, you must call the Publish method to write the new settings to the Active Directory domain controller so that other auditing components in the installation can find the new information.


The following code sample illustrates using Installation.Publish in a script:


wscript.echo "Published settings to Active Directory."