Advanced monitoring audit event log sample

The following is a sample of an audit event log for Centrify Audit Event ID 57300. This log sample documents a session where a user attempted to modify a monitored file. The change was made by on November 2, 2016 at 06:09:01.

Nov  2 06:09:01 al_rhel6_2 adclient[27002]: INFO  
AUDIT_TRAIL|Centrify Suite|DirectAudit Advanced 
Monitoring|1.0|300|Monitored file modification 
attempted|5|user=<no_login_user> pid=32393 
utc=1478092141432 centrifyEventID=57300 DAInst=AuditingInstallation DASessID=c72252aa- e616-44ff-a5f6-d3f53f09bb67 status=SUCCESS
syscall=unlink status=0 timestamp=1478092141.432000
auid=<no_login_user> uid=root@al_rhel6_2.altest. processid=32393 ppid=32392 gid=root cwd=/ accessType=2
command=/usr/bin/python argc=-1 args=/etc/pki/nssdb/ /etc/pki/nssdb/cert9.db-journal