Audit Analyzer audit event log sample

The following is a sample of an audit event log for Centrify Audit Event ID 3001. This log sample documents a session being deleted. The change was made by user=administrator@acme.vms on April 20, 2016 at 05:51:01.

04/20/2016 05:51:01 PM LogName=Application 
SourceName=Centrify AuditTrail V2 EventCode=3001 
EventType=4 Type=Information ComputerName=
member.acme.vms User=NOT_TRANSLATED Sid=S-1-
5-21-3883016548-1611565816-1967702834-500 SidType=0 
TaskCategory=%1 OpCode=Info RecordNumber=60622 
Keywords=Classic Message=Product: Centrify Suite Category: 
Audit Analyzer Event name: Delete session Message: 1 out 
of 1 selected sessions are successfully deleted. Apr 20 
17:51:00 member.acme.vms mmc[4064]: INFO 
AUDIT_TRAIL|Centrify Suite|Audit Analyzer|1.0|1|Delete 
sessionId=11 CentrifyEventID=3001 DAInst=
AuditingInstallation DASessID=c72252aa-e616-44ff-a5f6-
d3f53f09bb67 sessions_deleted=1 sessions_selected=1