MFA audit event log sample

The following is a sample of an audit event log for Centrify Audit Event ID 54100. This log sample documents the success of an MFA challenge. The change was made by user=laniu1(type:ad,laniu1@SINGLE01.CDC) on April 20 at 14:51:18.

Apr 20 14:51:18 sol112x64v3 adclient[5640]: [ID 702911] INFO AUDIT_TRAIL|Centrify Suite|MFA|1.0
|100|MFA challenge succeeded|5|user=laniu1(type:ad,
laniu1@SINGLE01.CDC) pid=6160 utc=1461135078139 
centrifyEventID=54100 DAInst=AuditingInstallation 
status=SUCCEED service=sshd tty=ssh client=::1