Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service System Management audit event log sample

The following is a sample of an audit event log for Centrify Audit Event ID 42251. This log sample documents the successful start of the collector service on computer ‘MEMBER’. The change was made by user=system@nt authority on April 05, 2016 at 14:59:56.

04/05/2016 03:00:01 PM LogName=Application SourceName=
Centrify AuditTrail V2 EventCode=42251 EventType=4 
Type=Information ComputerName=member.acme.vms 
User=NOT_TRANSLATED Sid=S-1-5-18 SidType=0 
TaskCategory=%1 OpCode=Info RecordNumber=51722 
Keywords=Classic Message=Product: Centrify Suite Category: DirectAudit System Management Event name: Start collector service succeeded Message: Collector service was started successfully on computer 'MEMBER'. Apr 05 14:59:56 member.acme.vms collector[1344]: INFO AUDIT_TRAIL| Centrify Suite|DirectAudit System Management|1.0|251|Start collector service succeeded|5|user=system@nt authority userSid=S-1-5-18 sessionId=0 centrifyEventID=42251 DAInst=AuditingInstallation DASessID=c72252aa-e616- 44ff-a5f6-d3f53f09bb67 installation=DefaultInstallation