Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service – Windows audit event log sample

The following is a sample of an audit event log for Centrify Audit Event ID 9001. This log sample documents a successful login. The change was made by user=administrator@acme.test on January 06 at 15:53:10.

Jan 06 15:53:10 s2k8r2p1v1.acme.test wdad[1128]: 
INFO AUDIT_TRAIL|Centrify Suite|DirectAudit - 
Windows|1.0|1|login success|5|user=administrator
@acme.test userSid=S-1-5-21-1986235188-3370598863-
2160698129-500 sessionId=1 centrifyEventID=9001 
DAInst=AuditingInstallation DASessID=c72252aa-