Specifying advanced criteria

In some cases, you might want to specify additional criteria for a search or to search exclusively on an attribute not found on the Common tab. For example, you might want to find only those sessions that have yet to be reviewed or all of the sessions where a specific command or application was used. To add criteria or perform these types of specialized searches, you can click the Advanced tab.

To specify advanced criteria for finding sessions:

  1. Start Find Sessions.
  2. Select the desired installation from the Installation list.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Add to add a new criterion.
  5. Select an appropriate attribute from the Attribute list based on the sessions you want to find.

    For example, you can search for sessions based on the period of time in which they were active or based on a specific state. You can also search for sessions based on the activity that took place during the session. For example, you can find sessions where specific UNIX commands or Windows applications were used.

  6. Select the appropriate criteria for the attribute you selected, then click OK.

    The specific selections you can make depend on the attribute selected. For example, if the attribute is Review Status, you can choose Equals and the review state you want to find. If you select the attribute Comment, you can specify Contains any of and type the string that you want to find any part of.

    When searching for user names or computers on the Advanced tab, use the Starts with option. If you use the default to match exactly, you must include the fully qualified domain name of the user or computer.

  7. Click Add to add another criterion until you have defined all of the attributes for which you want to find sessions.

  8. Click Find Now to find the sessions that match the criteria you specified.

  9. Click Clear All to start a new query.