Exporting a session list

To export a list of sessions from the command line, use the following syntax:

FindSessions /i=”InstallationName” /export=”SessionList” 
/format=”format" /path=”folder

For example, to export the session list for all users in HTML format and save the output in the C:\Temp\Exported Sessions folder, you would type a command like this:

FindSessions /i=”MyInstallation” /export=”SessionList” 
/format=”html” /path=”C:\Temp\Exported Sessions”

The command generates the list of sessions in the format specified. In this case, the command would generate an HTML file named SessionList in the C:\Temp\Exported Sessions folder with the following information for each session exported:

  • User name, display name, account used, computer name, and audit store for the session.
  • Start time, end time, and current state of the session.
  • Client name associated with the session.
  • Review status, user who last modified the review status, the time the status was last modified, and the comment added when the session was last modified.
  • Size of the session in KB.
  • Session URI that can be used to replay the session.