Deleting sessions

You can also use Find Sessions to delete sessions matching the criteria you specify from the command line. You can use the /delete option in combination with other criteria, such as /user or /machine, to delete information for a specific user, computer, or time. However, if you specify the /delete on the command line, all of the sessions returned by the query are deleted.

To delete sessions from the command line, use the following syntax:

FindSessions /i=”InstallationName” /delete

For example, to delete the sessions for a specific user on a specific computer, you would type a command like this:

FindSessions /i=”MyInstallation” /user=”tai-u1” 
/machine=”rhes63” /delete

Note that you cannot use the /delete option in combination with the /export option. If you want to export session information before deleting, you must do so in two separate operations.