Suppressing warning messages

By default, Find Sessions will generate warning messages if you attempt to export sessions without expected activity. For example, if you run a command to export UNIX input and output using /export="UnixInputOutput" and there is no user input activity, you might see warning messages similar to the following:

Finished exporting the sessions successfully.
Warning, URI:rep://BLD08/f435d61c-f191-4344-8adf-9d1432cb35ea, 
Message: There is no user inputs captured in this session.

You can safely suppress these warning messages using the /suppresswarning or /sw command line option. For example, you might run a command similar to this:

C:\AuditAnalyzer> findsessions /i="BLD08" /role="verify" 
/format=csv /path="C:\Temp" /export="UnixInputOutput" 
/a="1 time is in today" /suppresswarning

This command would export the UNIX output without displaying warning messages about there being no user input.