Checking the status of agents and collectors

You can use Centrify cmdlets to get status information for agents and collectors and combine those cmdlets with native or custom cmdlets to schedule checking for connectivity to run on a regular basis and to trigger an email notification if the status returned for the agent or collector in any interval is Disconnected. For example, to check for disconnected agents, you might specify a command similar to this:

Get-CdaAgent -i "installation-name" | Where { $_.Status -eq "Disconnected" }

To check for agents that haven’t connected to the collector since a specific time, you might specify a command similar to this:

Get-CdaAgent -i "installation-name" | where { $_.LastUpdateTime -lt ([DateTime]"12:00:00 AM, 12/29/2014") }

Similarly, you can use the Get-CdaCollector cmdlet to check for connectivity between a collector and the Microsoft SQL Server database you are using as the active audit store database.

Get-CdaCollector -i "installation_name" | where { $_.LastUpdateTime –lt "10:00:00 AM, 12/17/2014"}

You can include these cmdlets in scripts that run automatically using a task scheduler to check for connectivity issues at the interval you specify, such as once a day or once a week, and to send the results to specified channels, such as an email message or SNMP trap, using a cmdlet such as Send-MailMessage.