Getting started with cmdlets for PowerShell

The Audit Module for PowerShell consists of “cmdlets” that you can use to manage Centrify-specific information. A “cmdlet” is a lightweight command‑line program that runs in the Windows PowerShell environment. In most cases, cmdlets perform a basic operation and return a Microsoft .NET Framework object to the next command in the pipeline.

The cmdlets in the Centrify module enable you to access, create, modify, and remove information about Centrify auditing components and auditing-related information. Using the cmdlets you can manage the entire auditing infrastructure, including installation properties, collectors, audited computers, the audit management database, and the active and attached audit store databases. You can also use cmdlets to manage permissions, audit roles, and role assignments and to work with captured session activity and audit trail events. By combining cmdlets into scripts, you can also automate common administrative tasks, such as the creation of new audit store databases.