Running the setup program

You run the setup program to install the Audit Module for PowerShell files.

To run the standalone setup program:

  1. Select the downloaded file, right-click, then select Extract All to extract the compressed files to a folder.
  2. In the Windows disk image for Server Suite, navigate to the /DirectAudit/Powershell folder and double-click the standalone executable to start the setup program.

    For example, double click the Centrify DirectAudit PowerShell64.exe file.

  3. At the Welcome page, click Next.

  4. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then click Next.

  5. Accept the default location or click Change to choose a different location, then click OK.

    If you accept the default location, the cmdlets are available in a separate Audit Module for PowerShell console.

    If you want the cmdlets to be available in the default Windows PowerShell console with other PowerShell modules, select the following location:

  6. Verify the path to the Centrify.DirectAudit.PowerShell folder, then click Next.

  7. Click Install.

  8. Click Finish to complete the installation.