Publishing installation information in Active Directory

The default location for publishing audit installation information in Active Directory is:

domain/Program Data/Centrify/DirectAudit

In most cases, this location is accessible to any administrative user. If you cannot access the publication location, check the following:

  • Make sure you have permission to publish information to Active Directory.
  • Verify that the publication location exists in Active Directory.
  • Check the network for problems.

Moving a service connection point from its published location can result in connection problems. If you delete the default publication location and add a new publication location, you might not have permissions on the new location. If you do not have the appropriate permissions on the new location, ask the Active Directory administrator to grant you such permissions before running any of the wizards to reconfigure agents and collectors.

Note:   A new location might not be reflected immediately in the list current published locations. However, this has no any adverse effects apart from not being able to see the published location.