Configuring agents to prefer collectors

If desired, you can specify that agents first use the collectors that are in the same site as the agent. You configure this option for each audit store.

For example, consider the following installation setup:

  • One audit store
  • Two sites (SantaClara and SanDiego)
  • Two collectors in SantaClara, and two collectors in SanDiego

If you enable the option for the agents to prefer collectors in the same site as the agent, the agents in the SantaClara site use the collectors in that site, and the agents in the SanDiego site use the collectors there.

If for some reason all collectors in a site are down, the agents use collectors in another site or configured subnet.

Once an agent fails over and uses a collector in another site, the agent continues to use that collector until a rebinding occurs. You can do a rebinding with the dareload -b command. During the time that the agent is using a collector in another site, dadiag displays a warning message.

If your installation uses agents older than version 2017, those older agents ignore the collector preference setting.

To specify agents use collectors in the same site:

  1. Open the Audit Manager console window.
  2. Expand Audit Stores, and right-click the desired audit store and select Properties.
  3. In the Audit Store Properties dialog box, click Advanced.
  4. Select Agents must prefer collectors in the same site as the agent.

    By default, this option is not enabled.

  5. Click OK to save the changes.

It may take several minutes for the changes to take effect, depending on Active Directory replication delays and policy sets.