Setting audit management database security

Select the audit management database you want to configure, then click Properties. From the Properties, click the Security tab to configure security settings for the management database. Click the Add page to add groups or users to the list of trustees who can manage, modify, or remove installation-wide components. Type all or part of the user or group name, select the appropriate user or group from the results, then click OK.

Select the appropriate rights you want to grant to the selected Active Directory users or groups, and the operations that the users granted such rights (“trustees”) are allowed to perform.

Select this right To grant permission for these operations

Full Control

  • All of the operations listed in the following rows of this table.

Change Permissions

  • Modify permissions on this audit management database.

Modify Name

  • Modify display name for this audit management database.

Manage Sites

  • Add a subnet or Active Directory site.
  • Remove a subnet or Active Directory site.

Remove Database

  • Remove this audit management database from the installation.

Manage SQL Logins

  • Set the allowed incoming accounts for this audit management database.
  • Set the outgoing account for this audit management database.

Manage Database Trace

  • Enable or disable database trace
  • Export database trace

Only users with Change Permission permission on the audit management database can modify the user rights on the Security tab. By definition, the management database administrator has Full Control over all of the user rights and is an allowed incoming user.