Enabling audit notification on Windows

If you enable audit notification, users see a message informing them that their actions are being auditing when they log on. After you enable notification, the message is always displayed on audited computers if the session activity is being recorded.

Note:   This audit notification banner mentioned below displays on Windows systems. For notifying users on UNIX or Linux systems, the messages specified in the dash.prompt.message.file parameter apply.

To enable audit notification for an installation:

  1. In the Audit Manager console, right-click the installation name, then select Properties.

  2. Click the Notification tab.

  3. Select Enable notification.

    Deselect this option to turn off notification.

  4. Click the browse button to locate and select a text file that contains the message you want to display.

    A notification message is required if you select the Enable notification option. The contents of the file you select are displayed below the file location. The maximum text file size is 30 KB.

  5. Click the browse button to locate and select an image to appear as a banner across the top of the audit notification.

    Displaying a banner image is optional when you enable notification. The maximum image file size is 15 KB. For the best image display, use an image that is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.

    Note:   Animated GIF files are not supported for use as audit notifications. If you do specify an animated GIF, the image displays as a static image.

  6. Click OK or Apply.

    Users will see the notification message the next time they log in.

  7. If you enable notification after you have deployed agents, update the local policy on the audited computers by running the following command:

    gpupdate /FORCE