Changing audit role properties

After creating an audit role, you can modify its properties.

To change properties for an audit role:

  1. Open Audit Manager and expand the audit installation to which you are connected.
  2. Expand Audit Roles, select an audit role name and right-click, then select Properties.
  3. Click the General tab to change the name or description of an audit role.
  4. Click the Access tab to change the filtering attributes and criteria an audit role.
  5. Click the Privilege tab to change what members of the audit role can do with the sessions matching the criteria you specify.
  6. Click the Security tab to change permissions for the audit role itself.

    For example, you allow another user or group to change role membership for an audit role, you would click Security, then click Add to search for and select a user or group, the select the Change Role Membership permission to allow the selected user or group to modify the membership of the audit role.