Changing the review status for audited sessions

You can use the review status to keep track of audited sessions. For example, if you have a formal review process, you can change the state of sessions to indicate whether they are in the queue to be reviewed, have been reviewed, are awaiting some type of action, or should be deleted. For each change of state, you can add comments to more fully document what’s been done or if any follow-up by another auditor is required.

By default, all audited sessions start with a review status of None.

To update the review status for a session:

  1. Open Audit Analyzer and navigate to the session.
  2. Select the session in the right pane, right-click, then select Update Review Status.
  3. Select the appropriate new status.

    For example, select To be Reviewed if the session requires a review or To be Deleted if the session has no activity requiring further review or data that must be retained.

  4. Type any notes for yourself or other auditors in the Comments dialog box, then click OK.