Resolving authentication issues

If you configure the collector service to use an Active Directory account instead of the local system account, you might encounter problems with Kerberos authentication when the collector attempts to connect to the audit store database. Kerberos authentication uses the service principal names (SPN) registered for the SQL Server account to authenticate a service. When the collector (client) wants to connect to SQL Server, it locates an instance of the service, composes an SPN for that instance, connects to the service, and presents the SPN for the service to authenticate. If the collector service account does not have any SPNs, the Kerberos authentication request fails.

To resolve this problem, go to KB-1311 in the Centrify Knowledge Base, select Attachments, and click View > Open > Run to run the checkspn.vbs script on a computer that is joined to Active Directory.

Note:   The user who is running this command must have permission to register the SPN on the service account.

By default, this script runs in report-only mode. It checks whether the required SPNs are present on the service account in question and issues a prompt to fix it, if not. This script registers the SPN in the service account servicePrincipalName attribute in the format: