Resolving connectivity issues between a collector and an audit store

If the diagnostic report or the Collector Configuration wizard indicates that the collector cannot connect to an audit store database, check the following:

  • Verify the account you logged in with has permission to add a collector.
  • Verify the collector service has permission to connect to the active audit store database. You can grant this permission from Audit Manager.
  • Check whether the SQL Server instance needs to be restarted. For example, make sure the SQL Server instance is not waiting for a restart to complete ASP.NET registration changes.
  • Check whether there is a firewall between the collector and the SQL Server instance blocking access.
  • Check whether SQL Server is configured to allow named pipes and TCP/IP connections.
  • Check whether SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections.
  • Compare the site or subnet that the collector is configured to use with the scope of the audit store. For example, make sure the audit store site or subnet matches the site or subnet in the audit store properties.

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       Subnet(s): None configured