Monitoring collector status

The Collector Control Panel is available from the Start menu on any Windows computer on which you have installed a collector.

The Collector Control Panel enables you to monitor the local collector by giving you an overview of collector connectivity and status, including the collector’s current installation, audit store, audit store database, port number, and service status. To change the collector’s port number, installation, or authentication, click Configure. If you change the collector configuration, it might take a minute for the change to be reflected in the Collector Control Panel.

You can also use the Collector Control Panel to start, stop, or restart the collector service, and to generate more detailed information about the status of the collector. To see detailed information about the installation, audit store, audit store database, trusted agents, and connectivity between components, click the Troubleshooting tab, then click Diagnostics. The collector will generate a report and display the information in a separate window.