Managing collectors

You can select the Collector node in Audit Manager to view details about each collector you have added to the installation. You can then expand the Collectors node and select an individual collector in the left pane to display information about the audited computers that send sessions to that collector in the right pane.

The following table describes the columns available in the right pane for collectors.

Column name Description


Name of the collector

IP Address

Location of the collector on the network


Whether the collector is disconnected from or connected to the audit store.

If a collector has never been successfully assigned to an audit store, it is not even shown in the left-pane list.


How long a connected collector has been running since it was last booted

Last Update Time

The date and time of the last update received by the collector.

Port Number

The port through which the collector communicates with its assigned audited computers and audit store. Default is 5063.

Audit Store

The audit store to which this collector is assigned

Audit Store Database

The active database to which the collector is currently sending audit data

Connected Machines

The number of audited computers currently connected to this collector.

Because agents can communicate with a collector only if the agents and collector are in the same Active Directory forest, this column only includes audited computers that are in the same forest as the collector.

Disconnected Machines

The number of audited computers of which the collector is aware but that are not currently connected to this collector.

Note that the collector is only aware of audited computers that were at one time connected to it.

Collector Version

The version of the collector software installed on the computer.